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WILD marshmallow Co.

WHy we do what we do

Our Story

My name is Ashley and I make all of our gourmet marshmallows by hand.

I started changing the way I cook after marrying the love of my life, Adam, in 2015. My sweet husband has a myriad of food allergies that I do my best to accommodate. Add to the mix our 4 beautiful children and the ingredients in our food have become a huge priority in my life.

One of the biggest allergens for my husband is corn. You would not believe the insane amount of foods that contain some form of corn, corn syrup, corn starch, etc.

Most store-bought marshmallows are made of corn syrup and contain artificial dyes and flavors so we avoided them as a treat.

So I started making marshmallows for our hot cocoa and campfire nights, and not only are they delicious, but they're also made with all-natural ingredients that are beneficial to our health!

Now I'm delighted to be able to offer other families these delicious treats that they may otherwise not be able to have!

705 Cemetery Rd.

Fort Gibson, OK 74434


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